Paleo AIP and Me: The Sides (Part 3)

Here’s Part 3 of my “Paleo AIP and Me” series. Part 1 was an explanation of the diet and why I’ve needed to make this big life change. Part 2 was a list of entree recipes. This is a list of side dishes and various accompaniments. It’s not a very long list–I’m more of a one dish kind of cook–but I’m sure to add to it as time goes on.

Any recipe in peach text means I’ve made it before, but am not currently due to where I’m at regarding reintroductions. 


Side Dishes

Lemon Zucchini

FoodCodes AllSides dishes aren’t something I put a lot of time into, but if you’re going to, this is a good one to have. It has a lot of flavor, and is a great summertime dish.

*notes: I’ve actually never made this on the grill, instead I just lay the strips on a cast iron pan so it’s more like I’m sautéing them I guess



FoodCodes AllGetting carbs into your diet can be difficult when you’re on Paleo AIP (and carbs are important, just not in the quantity and kind that the typical American consumes them). Plantains are an acceptable carb, and the addition of onions
and bacon are especially tasty here.


Basic Cauliflower Rice

FoodCodes AllThere are a lot of version of cauliflower rice, but I usually end up making this basic version and then pouring a soup or stew over it. You could even toss in some sautéed veggies and have a great little side. Start by ricing the cauliflower (rinse, cut into pieces, put into food processor until it’s rice-like) and then toss into a pan with hot bacon fat. Add some salt and cook for about 10-15 minutes.


Bacon-wrapped Asparagus, Avocado, Onion 

FoodCodes AllI think we can all agree that bacon-wrapped anything is wonderful. This recipe is one of my go-to’s when I bring a dish to a gathering: (1) everyone loves it, (2) I’m assured I’ll have something to eat, and (3) the avocado version assures me that I’ll have something filling (in case I can’t eat anything else). If you google these, you’ll often come up with some additional steps and ingredients, like pouring a brown sugar sauce over the top, but I’ve found those completely unnecessary. Just wrap in bacon, cook at 425 degrees, flip after 15 minutes, check in another 15 minutes, and then every 5-10 thereafter, and you’ve got something fantastic.

3-Ingredient Naan

FoodCodes AllThis is real easy to make, and the time needed depends on what kind of naan you want at the end of it. Crispy or soft. I follow the recipe, and then take quarter cups of the mix and pour into a hot pan that has hot bacon fat in it. This part is kind of like making pancakes. Cook until each side has a golden color on it and then place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Bake the naan in a 325° oven for about 15 minutes (less or more…depends on your preference).




FoodCodes AllI made this to go with the paleo chicken nuggets in Part 1, and I’m so glad I did. My husband and I actually prefer this to regular ketchup.

*notes: I once used this with fast food fries and it totally didn’t work–the mix of real with artificial just wasn’t good


Bone Broth

FoodCodes AllA big part of Paleo AIP is eating nutrient dense foods. Bone broth is an easy way to help you do that. When I make a recipe that calls for bone broth, I literally feel like I got some kind of shot after eating a serving of it. And if I feel like a cold is coming on, I’ll go out of my way to use bone broth and it knocks it right out of my system. You can also just drink bone broth by itself, but I prefer to have it via a meal.

Organ Meat: It’s Important

Eating organ meat is a big part of healing your body. I’ve had a hard time with this part of the diet, so I started adding beef liver to my diet using this method. You can also buy desiccated liver tablets, but it’s a lot cheaper to make your own liver “pills” at home. If you like liver–great! There’s good recipes out there, like this one.

notes: I take my liver with orange juice (it masks any thought of taste); sometimes the pills have jagged edges and are hard to swallow–if you let them thaw slightly they’re more like gummy bears and there’s no issue (and this is why orange juice is a necessity for me)


Part 4: The Sweets

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