Paleo AIP and Me: The Entrees (Part 2)


In my last post, I wrote about how I learned about Paleo AIP and what it’s done for me. I wanted to share that for others that may be struggling with autoimmune disorders, and it’s gotten to a point where they’re willing to make a big change so they can heal. Changing your life in this drastic fashion is hard. But when you see results like I did, no psoriasis and no cycle pain, well, it’s hard to go back. Plus, I feel amazing now that I’m eating healthy. A week before my surgery, my husband and I fell, well jumped really, off the wagon. After two days, he says to me, “When can we start eating paleo again? I feel horrible.” We felt truly awful. And some of the food we had, we didn’t even like! Our tastes have changed, so low quality fast food just doesn’t do it anymore.

In this post, I wanted to share the recipes I’ve accumulated. And, because I’m no skilled chef, you can be assured that if you find a recipe here it’s doable. I must admit, I spend a lot more time cooking than I used to. So if you have other commitments that take up a lot of your time, going paleo will be difficult and you may have to search for sites that teach you how to cook in bulk or make use of a crock pot more often.

Without further adieu, here are my personal favorites. Some recipes are AIP, some are not but can easily be adjusted. Most were created by some very talented person that is not me. A few are my own creations that have helped us get by. All of the recipes have helped with healing.

Any recipe in peach text means I’ve made it before, but am not currently due to where I’m at regarding reintroductions. 


The Entree Recipes

Herb Chicken Nuggets

FoodCodes AllThis recipe is one of our absolute favorites. Throw in a veggie and some mashed cauliflower, and you have the makings of guiltless comfort food. And this AIP version of ketchup is the perfect dipping sauce for these nuggets. The only downside is that frying these guys up takes quite a while.

*notes: I usually double this recipe so we have leftovers, and I fry the nuggets in bacon fat

Italian Sausage Flatbread (AIP Pizza!)

FoodCodes All

Oh my goodness–WE. LOVE. THIS. The first time I made this, the smell was so good I had kept telling myself, “Rachel, calm down. This is AIP so don’t get your hopes up.” Then we ate it and were so happy! This is so good! Even my husband agrees. He’s demanded a weekly pizza night.

notes: I cook the ground pork and veggie toppings in bacon fat, I make 2 crusts at once so I can use all the toppings and then we each get our own pizza

Beef Layer Casserole

FoodCodes AllThe first time I made this I thought to myself, “I could make this for anyone–this is just good food!” Not only does this taste great, but our family of two has leftovers for several days and it’s nice to have meat, veggies and a carb all combined into one dish.

*notes: using brown mushrooms is a must: skipping them or using white results in a dish with a lot less flavor; omit the black pepper for Paleo AIP

Magic “Chili”

FoodCodes AllSo, this isn’t really anything close to chili except that it’s made in a big pot and has ground beef. Sometimes the names of these dishes get your tastebuds going in the wrong direction. Regardless, this is still very good. It’s especially good during the winter time, and the bone broth gives you a big nutritional boost that you can actually feel.

*notes: feel free to throw in additional veggies on this one (I throw in sweet potato so it’s more filling and to help make sure I’m getting enough carbs); you could use store-bought broth but in the end you’ll lose a lot of flavor and nutrition

Hawaiian Salmon

FoodCodes AllWhen sockeye salmon is on sale, I get at least a pound and then it takes about 15 minutes to prep this meal…depending on the number of pin bones I have to pull out, but I digress. I get the salmon into the oven, and then empty a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies into some bacon fat, along with garlic, riced cauliflower, coconut aminos and some salt. Serve the salmon on top of the veggie mixture and it’s a full meal.

notes: check the salmon while it’s in the oven–I’ve overcooked it by just going strictly with the recipe

Julia Child’s Classic Roast Chicken (AIP Makeover)

FoodCodes AllMy husband just loves roasted chicken. So it’s nice to make 2 at once so we have plenty of leftovers. For AIP, omit any black pepper and replace the ghee with olive oil. I rub both chickens with a mix of turmeric, garlic powder and salt, and then with olive oil. I stuff the inside with lemons and onions (I rarely have fresh thyme on hand). That’s it! Just put them in the oven. I add carrots, onions and sweet potatoes coated in olive oil and some salt for the vegetables you add in later.

notes: remember the linked recipe is not AIP–see my notes above for the changes

Paleo Orange Chicken

FoodCodes Paleo+AllPretty easy recipe, but you’ll want to double or triple it. I served over cauliflower rice once before, and found myself wishing there was more sauce. Next time I may also consider adding stir-fry veggies as well. 

notes: the chili garlic or sriracha is not AIP compliant; not sure how omitting would affect flavor

Paleo Chili

FoodCodes Paleo+AllThis is the closest I’ve had to real chili since on this diet, and it’s pretty good. The recipe makes a very large amount, and getting to use the crockpot saves you time in the evening. Adding in a Paleo version of bread makes it feel more like the real thing.



Salmon Bacon Burgers

FoodCodes AllWith this recipe, I only make the salmon patty part (I decided the relish wasn’t worth my time) and it’s really good. It’s a great way to eat salmon, and of course bacon makes everything better.

*notes: I’ve subbed onions for leeks in a pinch and it works just fine; although fresh salmon results in patties that hold together real well, I’ve used a good quality canned salmon too


My Basic Burger Patty

FoodCodes AllThis is my own creation. Burger patties are really easy and quick to throw together, so we usually make this once a week because it means less time in the kitchen for me. Just add a couple sides, and you’ve got a full meal.

Mix two pounds ground beef with some coconut aminos, garlic powder, onion powder and salt. Divide into at least eight patties and cook using your desired method.

notes: these are really good with the paleo AIP version of ketchup we use


Creamy Crockpot Lemon Chicken Kale Soup

FoodCodes AllI have to admit, this isn’t one of my favorites. I like it because you can prep it in the morning and then let the crockpot do the work. The flavor is good, although I’ve never been able to achieve the “creaminess” that the creator of the recipe seems to get when she makes it. But pour it over cauliflower rice and you’ve got a meal.

*notes: even if your kale is already cut up (we buy ours in a bag), you still want to cut it smaller so you can eat this without it being a mess


Creamy Coconut Green Chile Chicken Soup

FoodCodes Paleo+AllI actually prefer this recipe over the Lemon Chicken Kale Soup above. If you can have green chiles or peppers, then this is tasty soup. Pour over cauliflower rice to make a complete meal.




Bacon Cabbage Chuck Beef Stew

FoodCodes AllAnother crockpot meal! I love these things. This takes about 10 minutes of prep, and then it’s good to go. It’s really tasty, especially if you use homemade bone broth. I feel like this would be a great meal for non-paleo eaters as well. They could add in some buttered bread with this for some real comfort food.

*notes: I’ve made this with homemade bone broth and then with store-bought broth, and the homemade makes a huge difference with flavor


Paleo Fried Rice

FoodCodes Paleo-EFAnother one of my favorites here. This one takes a bit more time in the kitchen, but after a few times of making it I’ve become more efficient. It really is a great substitute for real fried rice.




Pulled Pork

FoodCodes Paleo+AllSo this is crazy easy to make, and you get quite a large portion. I’ve made this for non-paleo eaters and they love it as well. What I’ve found personally is that non-paleo eaters have the luxury of enjoying this pulled pork on bread or a tortilla, whereas I have had yet to find a suitable “carrier” for it. The pulled pork alone is pretty heavy, so I’d like to come up with a better way to consume it…maybe in a salad? If you have any ideas I’m all ears.


Eggless Hash

FoodCodes AllThis recipe is a great way to get kale and sweet potato into a meal for me (I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes). I haven’t been able to find any breakfast sausage that meets the Paleo AIP criteria, but you can make your own by buying ground pork and adding some spices.



Tuna Salad

FoodCodes AllSo, this is pretty much a weekly staple at our house. We buy good quality tuna (have you read the ingredients list for a typical can of tuna? yikes!) and then pretty much throw everything else in the food processor to save time on chopping. Serve with 3-ingredient Naan and you’ve got a pretty tasty lunch.

*notes: using the food processor does save time on chopping, but I’ve also found the end product isn’t near as pretty and lacks some flavor


Part 3: The Sides


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