Infertility Awareness 2015

Through being part of a large group on Facebook dedicated to those struggling with infertility who follow the moral law as defined by the Catholic Church, I have learned that April 19-25 is Infertility Awareness Week.

To help in spreading awareness I decided to create graphics that focus on infertility. I got a lot help from members of the group with the content, and then used photoshop to put everything together.

Humor.  It’s how I deal with most everything.  Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes it’s bad; but I’m a work in progress.  Some of the graphics below might rub you the wrong way, especially if you haven’t dealt with infertility yourself. My apologies in advance if they do.  My intent is to provide an avenue for others to put themselves in my shoes.  Some days I am sad, some days I am stricken with deep sorrow, and other days I might be jealous, angry or even full of acceptance for my current situation.  It’s all a part of the journey.

These graphics are free to share.


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