How an Infertile Reads the Internet…

Ever wonder how someone struggling with infertility reads all those cute memes about how great it is to be a mom?

No? Oh…            

What it really says…                                                              


I never knewlove being a mom1352562720450_1717891SUPER-MOM1goodmomquote-Ellen-Pompeo-being-a-mother-is-magical-207939_1green-smi_grow_people_whats_your_superpower_shirtimage001until-youve-counted-fingers-and-toesIAMMOM3

What an Infertile Reads…

Being-infertile is harderQUOTEI never knew sorrowhate being infertileon the floorfailedperfectly infertileBEING INFERTILE BLOWSi'm so crafty2i grow nothingimage002ARE YOU SERIOUS


7 thoughts on “How an Infertile Reads the Internet…

  1. This shall be shared. Absolute gold.

  2. The “there will be so many times…” and the last one are my favorites. These are good!

  3. Glad I could share the sad humor!

  4. Ooh I relate to so many of the ones on the right! This is awesome, thanks. It’d be great if someone with art skills designed our own unique memes, raise awareness.

  5. Omg the ones on the right are so true!!! I thought I was the only one…

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