7 Quick Takes… swimming with your iPhone, toilet spiders and selfies.

— 1 —

Joyous news–A couple we’ve been friends with about five years or so, are becoming Catholic!  My husband and I are just ecstatic about it and how full their spiritual life is going to become.  If you have a moment, say a prayer for them as they begin the RCIA process.

— 2 —

Like Jennifer Fulwiler, I too just started using doterra essential oils, although I have yet to rub peppermint oil directly onto my eyeball.  I did rub peppermint oil on my neck though, and within two minutes an image of floated through my mind of everyone at the essential oil seminar staring at me mouths agape because of the woman sitting in the recliner covered in sweat and eyes bulging.  It was a great mid-afternoon pick-me-up (minus the sweat of course).

I’m going to start a regimen to deal with endometriosis, so wish me luck!  I’d like to avoid a third surgery.

— 3 —

Only my husband removes his keys from his pocket and then jumps in a swimming pool with his iPhone still in the other pocket.

Alas, phone in rice wasn’t successful.  He says he was swimming anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes before he was overcome with a sense of dread and felt his phone in his pocket.  And, it’s white rice, not miracle rice from the heavens.


This all reminds me of a story from 2007.  Kelsey (my husband) is walking across the UH campus, strides by a trash can, and throws his cell phone away like it’s a gum wrapper.  Seriously.  So, he gets a new phone.  He’s super excited because this phone is pretty up to date.  He comes home the same day, but on the way got caught in the rain.  Upon entering the house, he goes directly to the laundry room, takes off all his wet clothes and puts them in the washer.  Clothes AND PHONE were washed and dried.

Yep.  He washed his brand new phone.  I don’t think I’ve seen him sadder or more upset with himself.  As punishment, he then purchased a used phone, circa 1999.

— 4 —

This month we got to bring home the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel statue from our Lay Carmelite organization!  It’s been a beautiful reminder of our spiritual Mother.  When I became Catholic, like most Protestant converts, I had a difficult time with Marian teachings.  But once I learned what the Church really taught, my life has been so full.  “My soul magnifies the Lord”–the daughter of our Father, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, and the mother of Jesus is always bringing us to our God.  What a wonderful blessing!


— 5 —

I hate being the “snopes” person on Facebook.  But for the well-being of all my Facebook friends, I will.  I mean, surely it’s an act of mercy to let people know there is not a new species of spiders that live under toilet seats waiting to bite you with a bite that will send you to your Maker within three days time, right?

— 6 —

For the next few days I’ll be driving my father-in-law’s truck.  I think people may get an impression of me that isn’t too accurate.


— 7 —

As of late, my husband has gotten super into selfies.  And at times I’m coerced into joining him.  If you’d like to check out a small part of what he’s deemed #selfienation, visit him at his twitter feed.


Want more 7 Quick Takes?  Check out today’s post over at Conversion Diary.


One thought on “7 Quick Takes… swimming with your iPhone, toilet spiders and selfies.

  1. LOL’ing at #6:)

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