Forgiveness and St. Augustine

Forgiveness happens when you surrender your natural desire for revenge.

Reconciliation is the tranquility that results from right order.

I was driving along in the car and heard this fantastic little bit of information!  How many times I have struggled over wondering if I’ve forgiven someone and then here I get a concrete definition.  A definition that I can immediately put to use and gauge where forgiveness has indeed happened.

But I think where I fault short most is forgiving myself.  I find myself replaying past mistakes, wallowing in sorrow while I mourn the chasm between God and I caused by my own sin.

Do I desire revenge against myself?  Am I willing the good of myself?

It’s interesting how comfortable negativity can become; I hold it close like a blanket, enveloping myself in it.

My deepest gratitude, St. Augustine, for this practical definition.



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